Delivery Terms

Cargo and Shipment Security
All your orders are in secure and confidential packages. Transport courier or shipping company which is aware of the content of the products. The required information is written on the box of your products.

In order for products to be shipped to you, the necessary payment processes for the products must be completed by hand. When these conditions are appropriate, your products will be shipped within the same day.

You only need your signature at the time of delivery to keep track of your receipt of your products. Do not worry if you do not go to bed when the cargo arrives. Your address should be left as a note when you need to get your haggle. If you can not get your haggle, your order will be shipped back about 1 (one) week later.

Delivery and Charging
The shipping charge depends on the shipping company you ordered by ordering your products. During the selection of cargo you can choose which cargo company you see and how much it costs. Delivery is only within the borders of Turkey.